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Interventional Pain Procedures in Dearborn, MI

At Genesis MD we use variety of interventional procedures to treat pain. For more information call us now or book an appointment online.

Interventional Pain Procedures in Dearborn, MI
Interventional Pain Procedures in Dearborn, MI

The experience of chronic pain can feel like you are carrying around a 50-pound boulder with you anywhere you go, and when the only available treatment is addictive medication, it can feel very discouraging, indeed! However, here at Genesis MD, we want you to know that there is an alternative treatment option that is innovative and effective for providing lasting relief of chronic pain without the requirement of constant maintenance and medication. We have many fantastic interventional pain procedures to offer you, depending on the nature of your condition. Our team of medical professionals has the expertise to provide excellent treatment with whatever chronic condition that ails you.

What can I expect at a pain management clinic?

At a pain management clinic, you can expect to find doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and physical therapists all trained to help you find pain relief that benefits your whole person, both mentally and physically. Pain management clinics treat all sorts of chronic pain conditions, whether they result from injury, disease, or a genetic condition.

When you come to a pain management clinic, the first thing to expect is an initial consultation with your appointed physician. During this consultation, the physician will evaluate your physical condition, your medical history in addition to that of your family, any medications you are taking, and what specific issues you would like to be addressed with treatment. This information will help your physician determine what treatment method will work best for you!

At Genesis MD, we offer a variety of pain management services, including interventional pain procedures, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, spinal cord stimulators, kyphoplasty compression fracture treatment, and stem cell therapy!

What does interventional pain management mean?

Interventional pain management is a subspecialty of pain management that attempts to intervene in your pain by directly addressing the source of your pain. As such, interventional pain procedures do not try to mask the pain but look deeper into the root cause of your pain so as to provide lasting relief without undue reliance on medication. Examples of interventional pain procedures include PRP injections, corticosteroid injections, facet joint injections, spinal cord stimulators, radiofrequency ablation, kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, nerve blocks, and neuroaugmentation. Interventional pain procedures have proven to be effective on chronic headaches, facial pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, facet joint syndrome, arachnoiditis, and more! Feel free to call us at Genesis MD for more information on our interventional pain procedures.

What is the difference between pain management and interventional pain management?

The main difference between interventional pain management and non-interventional pain management is that the former seeks to block pain, while the latter often relies on some combination of physical therapy and pain medication. While physical therapy is often beneficial, patients can become too reliant on pain medication, especially if it is addictive! For this reason, interventional pain procedures are great alternatives to the use of opioids or other addictive pain medications for the treatment of chronic pain. Interventional pain procedures usually only require one to two sessions to experience lasting relief from chronic pain. In contrast, non-interventional pain management techniques need ongoing therapy and medication in order for the patient to function well.

If you think interventional pain procedures can help you manage and find relief from your chronic pain, we would love to hear from you here at Genesis MD! To schedule an appointment with us, please call us at (313) 581-3255, or you can do so through our website. You can find Genesis MD at the convenient location of 13530 Michigan Ave., Suite 280, in Dearborn, Michigan. We hope we can positively intervene in your pain!


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